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Professional Profile

As a true Pacific Northwest Native, I am committed to this gorgeous region! And ALL who have interest in living here!

I can assist with all of your questions and help you navigate through the Real Estate process in locating your Dream home or land and calling this place your Home!

As a Realtor, I am held to the highest of standards and Law with integrity, committment, reliability and honesty for your Real Estate needs.

I encourage you to ask what YOU look for in a REALTOR? Someone who will listen to you. Who will assist with your highest investment purchase? Who can assist with all of your needs with your purchase and your future investment?

Whatever that answer may be, I can say, I'm your gal and Realtor for Life!


As a REALTOR, I am committed to treat EVERYONE with honesty. REALTORS subscribe to a strict code of ethics and are held to the highest level of knowledge in this process of buying and selling Real Estate. 

Real Estate transactions involve one of your Biggest financial investments! Transactions today usually excees hundreds of thousands of dollars. With that being said, would or could you take a chance on loosing thouands of dollars of your investment on a mistake? In Real Estate transactions, you are held accountable for knowing everything necessary, including ALL Real Estate State Laws! Consider a deal in Real Estate with out a REALTOR, is like taking thousands of dollars out of your pocket.

As a REALTOR, I am your Ally and investment into all your Real Estate Transactions!